Choosing the Perfect Ballroom Dance Shoes

When you want to have the complete experience in the art of dance, wearing the right ballroom dance shoes is key.

However, with more than a dozen to consider, it can be quite overwhelming.

So, how do you choose the proper dance shoes?

One of the most important considerations is the size of the shoes. There will be pairs that will suit you fine and there are those that don’t fit at all (no matter how much you like those shoes).

The best thing is to shop around and try op several brands before settling for your choice. Try on the different designs, try on the different sizes, the different brands.

You’re lucky if you only needed to go around quickly.

Here are important considerations when looking for perfect ballroom dance shoes:

  • Fit – The pair of dance shoes you are getting should fit perfectly. Don’t choose a pair of shoes that are too tight or a size higher or lower. You don’t want to put pressure on the ends of your toes. Pressure is the main concern when purchasing dance shoes. Important information: dance shoes will likely stretch and flex, then eventually adapt to the size of the feet.

  • Heels – Shoes for both men and women are generally available in a variety of heel heights. Latin shoes generally have higher heels. Experts say that have higher heels will give better hip movement. There are no requirements on what to wear to your dance class, so you can choose whatever you want. There are no set rules on how to wear your heels, it will all depend on your flexibility and how high you can go without experiencing discomfort.

  • Stability – The good thing about dance shoes is that they are all well made. When dancing, you’ll have a lot of movements – you’ll take long and short strides. When trying on shoes, make sure you walk around. If the pair of shoes feel comfortable, then you’ve found the right fit.

  • Material – Generally, people want to know what materials were used to manufacturing their shoes. There are different kinds of materials, including leather, canvas, plain leather, and satin. Plain leather has the least amount of issues. Plain leather may not be as grand as satin or fabric, but they make up in terms of durability. They are sturdy and you can use them quite often. Plain leather tend to soften your feet through constant use. But they generally stay robust longer. Cleaning and caring for the shoes is not that hard.

Fabric shoes are likely to wear out more quickly.

  • Sole – most ballroom dance shoes have suede soles. Suede is good for resistance. It prevents you from slipping while you dance.

Choosing the right dance shoes can be quite hard, but the rule of the thumb is to find a pair of shoes that will snugly fit, sturdy, comfortable, and can last for a long time.