Features of The Best Walking Shoes

If you’re going on a trip, footwear is one of those things you absolutely shouldn’t skimp on. Without the best walking shoes, you could end up not being able to do all the things you planned to do in your trip.

And even if you do manage to do everything in your itinerary, you could end up with blisters and misery.

It’s not that easy to choose a good pair, so we’ve put together this quick guide that could point you to the right direction. Here’s a list of the features to look for when shopping for a pair.


Bend the forefoot area of the shoe. It must be flexible enough. Otherwise, your gait will be hampered because your foot will meet a lot of resistance every time you make a step.

Worse, you could end up with shin splints, which are characterized by throbbing shins. These are caused by too much stress on the connective tissues in your leg and foot.

Achilles Tendon Protection

When you’re travelling, you’re probably going to walk around a lot and you need to reduce as much stress on your Achilles tendon as possible.

Choose designs with a turned up toe and a slightly higher heel because these tend to reduce stress on your Achilles. This is why many running shoes have toe areas with bottoms that are shaped like a rocker.

Ample cushioning

Look for shoes with heel collars that cushion the ankle and ensure a good fit. The insoles should also have enough cushion and support for your arch. The best ones have gel, air, or foam midsoles that also reduces impact and prevent injury.


If you’re going to be using the shoes a lot, ventilation can help you stay comfortable. This is why the best walking and running shoes typically have mesh as upper material.

There are also stylish non-athletic walking shoes made with knit fabric and merino wool that are breathable and help with temperature and moisture regulation.


Good walking shoes offer excellent slip resistance. Examine the outsole to determine whether there are enough circles or squiggly lines. These lines on the outsole create fiction, providing grip.

The general rule is that the smaller the pattern, the better the grip. Wearing shoes with poor grip could cause injury because they aren’t likely to prevent slips.

Toe Room

Choose a pair that fits you well but still provides enough space for your toes. This can help you stay more comfortable. It also helps prevent calluses.

Motion Control

If you tend to overpronate or walk in such a way that your foot tends to roll inward, or if you have mobility issues, you might need to get motion control shoes.

They are a bit heavier but they tend to have firmer support and can help you maintain better gait.

The best walking shoes will enable you to do all the things you planned to do on your trip, so don’t forget to pack a pair with you.