Finding the Best Shoes for Walking Trails Near Me

People who love the outdoors are always on the lookout for the next place that they can hike. You can search online using the search phrase walking trails near me and find plenty of places to hike within easy reach.

Aside from finding the right trail, you should also make sure that you have shoes that match the route that you want to explore. There are three major categories of walking shoes that you can choose from, which include the following:

Walking shoes

Walking boots

Approach shoes

We will go over the features and characteristics that you should be looking for when shopping for any of these items.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are perfect for short and fast walks. If you're going for an easy walking trail near me, then these shoes may be just the ones you need. They're also better suited for warm dry climates as well.

If you're traveling light and you're looking at a rather flat trail, then walking shoes are a good choice. This type of footwear provides ample underfoot protection and good ankle support for easy trails.

These shoes are outfitted with synthetic fabric uppers, which work well for mild weather. Note however, that they don't offer a lot of weather protection, so don't get them wet in the rain, walk in deep puddles, or cross through streams.

The mid- and outsoles of these shoes are designed for support and comfort. You get enough impact absorption for short fast walks but they won't offer much when it comes to longitudinal and torsional flex.

Walking Boots

If you're going to walk through a lot of rough terrain on your chosen trail, then walking boots might offer you the best fit. They are designed to be breathable yet the exterior remains waterproof.

They give a lot of support especially around the ankles. If you are going bring a heavy backpack along the way, then wearing walking boots is highly recommended.

A lot of walking boots come with uppers that are made of synthetic leather.

This material allows for extreme breathability. They're best-suited for walking in trails near me during summer or during milder weather.

Walking boots usually have gusseted tongues. This works like a gutter, and it keeps water (e.g. when it rains) out of your feet.

Many walking boots also have waterproof linings, which allow you to walk through shallow puddles. A lot of them also have GORE-TEX membrane linings, which absorbs the sweat from your feet. That should be enough to keep your feet dry during your trek.

Approach Shoes

The third option is approach shoes, as the name would suggest, are designed for rocky terrain. If you plan to go over rocky rugged routes, short walks, or even some really technical terrain, then these are the shoes that you should bring.

Think of these shoes as a combination of walking shoes and walking boots. They provide enough support for your ankles and toes, yet they have the flexibility of walking shoes.

The outsole of approach shoes gives you lots of traction and they are super sticky. However, do take note that they are not intended for rock climbing. You need a different type of shoe for that.

Choose the Best Type of Shoe According to Your Selected Terrain

Will you use walking boots, shoes, or approach shoes? The answer is to use the shoes that match the type of walking trail of your choice.