Finding the Right Tango Dance Shoes

Why do you need to invest in a good quality dance shoes? The perfect answer should be – like any sport, you’ll need the right equipment so you can perform your best.

The popular tango dance is no exception. The requirements for this special dance is quite different from that of the ballroom dance shoes.

If you are starting to learn how to dance the tango, you’ll find helpful tips here on how to find the perfect tango dance shoes for you.

The two primary requirements for a good quality tango shoe for women: they should be flexible and should allow easy pivot movements.

These shoes should be flexible in the middle part to make it easier for you to push off from the floor and eventually use the momentum when you dance.

The shoes should also follow the movement of your foot, fitting your natural body shape. A leather sole should be able to allow for more flexibility and pivoting.

Experts say that the leather sole is the most ideal to use for tango.

Once you’ve found a pair that satisfies the above criteria, it is imperative that you focus next on how the shoe fits your foot.

You have to make sure that your shoe will fit perfectly into your foot. If the shoe does not snugly fit to your feet, you will be putting yourself at risk of injury as you perform.

Take note that most tango shoes are made of leather, thus they might stretch a little while you are wearing them.

So, when you are trying these shoes on, make sure that they fit snugly the first time you try them on.

However, a perfect fit doesn’t necessary mean pinch your feet. This would be too painful.

If you are getting a pair of “oven-toed” dance shoes, make sure to keep your toes from falling out to the front.

When you are sliding your into the shoes for the first time, consider doing so for a little longer than 0.5 cm, an idea size.

There are two types of heel cage to chose from: open and enclosed. Both of these are secure and will only depend on the dancer’s level of comfort with the style.

For tango, the ideal heel height is between 2 to 3.5 inches, even ending up in the stiletto.

Since tango is performed on the balls of the feet, you’ll need a higher heel height so you can keep your balance while you are dancing.

If you are a beginner in dancing the tango and you are not used to wearing high heels, you may choose a lower heel and then when you’re used it, you can add on as you progress.

Tango is a dance that is passionate and full of fire.

The shoes you choose should be able to reflect that. The high heels and the leather sole allows for a smooth pivoting action. If you choose the right shoes for tango, you have fully understood the art of dance.