Salsa Dance...why do I love it so much?

Are you single or taken?... Well, I am a Salsa dancer!!!

Salsa is an extremely popular dance all over the globe. It is sexy, fun, loaded, and energetic. Due to its sociable nature, salsa dance is loved by the majority of people. It allows salseros to change partners or dance with someone they have never met before.

What Is Salsa Dance?

You will come across a plethora of dance formats in your life. But, there is a good reason why salsa dance is unique and most loved by masses. It brings people closer, especially couples who are in love with each other.

It helps in socialization as many people become best friends while learning salsa dancing lessons. Once you enroll in salsa classes, you will get addicted to a never-ending relation with this beautiful dance form.

No matter if you are a salsa lover or not. Read this article till the end, and we assure you will fell in love with it. You might end up finding "salsa classes near me." Let's begin.

What is Salsa?

Wait! Let me clear one thing. This is not the tasty dip made from tomatoes and chilies. It's hot and sexy, but we can't eat it.

Salsa is an entertaining, relaxing, and lastly, a sexy dance type. This partner dance originates from the Caribbean and African states. Salsa was the term using for Americans to describe this branch that came from Cuban Son Montuno...Cuba is definitely the mother of great music...specially for people we love to dance and connect with others.

An amazing fact about salsa dance is that you can pick a partner of your choice. There is no compulsion, and that is what salsa dancers love about it. Imagine meeting someone for the first time in salsa dancing lessons.

For the past few years, the origin of salsa has been a hot discussion. History tells that salsa music and dance is not the same. Instead, it now uses a blend of modern variations. There are so many salsa music collections that merge with the dance steps, and anyone searching for dance lessons near me can learn the art of salsa dance.

Founders of Salsa Dance!

The unique blend of spicy dance moves and sexy music got birth in North America. In the 1920s, it was a popular dancing practice in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. With the lapse of time, it entered the ballrooms and nightclubs of New York. It gained popularity in 19070s and reached its apex till 1980.

Cuba, a hub of Latin dances and music styles, gracefully accepted the musical techniques accompanied by glamorous dance steps. Immigrants from Latin America introduced a new dance form in the clubs of Cuba.

At first, it was only enjoyed by the Latin Americans. However, salsa dance is now famous in Europe and Asia as well. An official salsa dance performance was conducted in the late 1900s.

People have started taking an interest in salsa dance. The salsa dancing lessons and salsa classes sprung in different parts of the world. Salsa music is loved and enjoyed on a large scale.

Different Styles of Salsa Dancing

The salsa classes offer different salsa dancing styles to their learners. All the styles are different from one another; however, there is a uniqueness of the basic steps that you will see in all styles. We have narrowed down a list of the most widespread forms of salsa dancing styles.

Cuban Style Salsa

Also known as Casino style, Cuban salsa comprises of two dance partners. Mostly, one dancer is the leader, while the other plays the role of a follower.

The Cuban salsa is reflected from the Rueda form, which allows the couple to follow the leader's dance steps within the circle. Just like Afro-Cuban folkloric dance moves, this style also includes particular body movements in a circular pattern.

Cali Style

Hand-holding the partner, clean footwork, and abrupt body movements differentiate Cali salsa from the rest of the styles. People also recognize this style as Colombian style as various dance formats of Colombia inspire it. Unlike other styles, Cali salsa does not require cross-body lead patterns.

New York Mambo Style Salsa

Well, this style is not a traditional dance move that derived from the original salsa dance. However, in the 1960s, some Latin Americans practiced a new form of salsa dance with very little style changes. It got reputed as New York Mambo Style salsa and followed the slow-quick-quick pattern along wth the On-2 rhythm.

Los Angeles Style

Los Angeles salsa dance is the latest dancing technique that got inspiration from the Mambo, Swing, and ChaChaCha dance patterns. The clubs of the 1990s usually had this style of dance performances where dancers showed complex arm patterns, fancy body movements, and turn styles following the On-1 rhythm. The style is based on the quick-quick-slow pattern.

Wearing Salsa Performance Dance Shoes!

Once you have planned to join salsa dancing lessons, the next thing that comes to mind is Shoes. "I have registered myself in salsa classes near me. But What Do I Wear?"

Don't worry! We have got all covered for you. Putting on the right dance shoes is very important for safety and balance during swaying movements. For all salsa styles, you need extensive leg work, and for that, dancers need the right pair of shoes.

When it comes to salsa, both men and women need particular shoes to avoid problems for their partners. There are different kinds of shoes for different salsa dance styles available in the market.

What Dress to Wear for Salsa Dancing?

Remember that salsa dancing is somewhat similar to your workout sessions. You will feel hot, sweaty, and tired at the end of 60 to 90-minute salsa classes. Make sure you wear light and comfortable outfits.

Wearable for Men

Men dancers usually prefer jeans, chinos, and linen trousers for salsa classes. The type of shirt you ear depends upon the weather conditions. It can be a full sleeve shirt or a T-shirt as well.

Wearable for Women

For a comfortable experience, most women pick tight jeans or leggings. But there are salsa skirts and other outfits that allow easy leg movements during salsa dancing. It is suggested to put on an extra layer below the appeal as spinning movements might expose your body parts.


If you are looking for the best salsa classes near me, you have probably made the right decision. Salsa dancing lessons will energize your body, but the salsa music also soothes your mental stress.

If you have a hectic job, you can join online salsa classes and practice from your house's comfort. Ensure that you take gradual steps as a beginner, and one day, you will enjoy salsa dancing in all your gatherings!

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