Social Dance: Why Everyone is Doing It

Some people polish their artistic and technical skills in ballroom dancing because they want to join dance competitions or exhibitions.

Others simply want to do social dance. Whatever your motivation is for wanting to learn ballroom dancing, you are in for an experience that is not only a source of great fun and enjoyment, but of a sense of achievement as well.

Social dance belongs to the wide range of genres of the art of dance. Like all other dances, it benefits dancers in a deeply personal way.

Its physical aspect provides significant advantages. The exercise is good for the heart, especially when you spend countless hours on the dance floor during a dance or party.

It strengthens and develops muscles, particularly in your feet, legs, and arms. It improves posture. It encourages you to walk, move, and carry yourself in a confident and regal way.

The hip action, a unique characteristic of Latin dances, helps develop flexibility and grace – and makes you feel young and attractive, to boot.

Social dance also has a number of social benefits. It boosts your social life. It gives you opportunities to meet new people.

It encourages you to interact with and enjoy the company of other people.

People you find in dances usually have fun in the upbeat atmosphere of a party or a dance.

They welcome the chance to meet new people. They relish the fun of interacting with people from all walks of life who have the same love and enthusiasm for dancing.

It is not unusual for people to go solo to a dance and end up forming new friendships.

Going as a couple also has its own merit. The experience of being together and dancing as a couple can add sparkle to a lackluster relationship.

It can renew sparks and strengthen relationships. A man partners a woman in a dance and moves in harmony with her. They move together to beautiful music.

They share the common goal of moving fluidly and gracefully as a pair. The teamwork helps to refresh and build up their relationship.

Developing greater self-confidence is another advantage. When you find yourself learning new steps fast, your confidence soars.

It is exhilarating to find that you have the stamina to dance straight for an hour or more, the grace and flexibility to shake your hips enticingly in a Latin dance, or exhibit dexterity as you dance the fast-paced hustle.

Dance Shoes

It is essential that you use the right dance shoes if you want to enjoy the benefits of dancing.

Whether you are just a novice or a first-class professional dancer, you will not be able to perform well or have a grand time if you are using inappropriate or ill-fitting shoes.

Dance floors can be tricky. Some have sticky spots. Some provide more than the usual grip; others, not enough.

If you don’t want to suffer foot slips, take gauche turns, or endure pain because of your footwear, choose your social dance shoes with care.