The Art of Dance: Why Latin Dance Is Great for You

Have you ever been to a Latin dance session or class? Indeed, the popularity of Latin dances soared in the past years.

The upbeat music and quick steps in these dances are found almost anywhere now – in Zumba classes, fitness clubs, television dancing shows, and social dance circles.

So why is everyone hooked on the lively dances of Latin origin? And why should you try dancing to some upbeat Latin music? We’ll tackle all the benefits of Latin dance in this quick post!

1. It helps you lose weight.

Latin dances are often used as exercise routines to lose weight. That’s because the dances require quick steps and fluid movements, upping your heart rate and burning lots of calories.

Latin dance classes are almost comparable to high-intensity activities such as biking or swimming in terms of calories burned per session.

One bonus – it’s fun to dance to Latin beats, so you won’t even realize you’re exercising already as you move to the music!

2. It strengthens and protects your heart.

When you dance quickly to Latin music, your heart pumps more efficiently to deliver blood throughout your body.

Hence, your blood circulation and oxygenation levels improve, and your heart gets stronger.

Regularly dancing to Latin beats has been shown to lower the chances of getting coronary heart disease as well.

It’s an illness characterized by narrowed blood vessels of your heart due to accumulated cholesterol in its inner linings.

Regular physical activity, such as Latin dancing, can help decrease the odds of getting this potentially fatal heart condition.

3. It can tone your core and leg muscles.

Muscles in your legs and core get toned as you perform Latin dances. Hence, dancing to Latin music can help you get those shapely legs and toned abs.

This is especially true when you perform the art of dance with gusto, attend Latin dance classes regularly, and put on comfortable footwear for Latin dances.

4. It keeps your brain sharp and fit.

Did you know that Latin dancing can help exercise your brain, too?

Dancing, in general, requires you to be mindful of choreography to keep up with the beats.

Hence, your brain gets trained to remember dance sequences, create dance improvisations, and dance with various partners.

All these activities help sharpen your brain in the long run, whatever age you are at.

Also, frequent dancing has been shown to lessen the risks of getting dementia by as much as 76%.

This was the result of a study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, as published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

5. It lets you meet and connect with other people.

Latin dancing done for recreation is becoming more popular nowadays. That’s because these dance activities let you gather with old friends, meet new people, and connect with those who are as passionate about dance as you are.

Dancing to Latin beats in a recreational group setting gives you more friends in your circle. You also get to bond with other people as you all strut to the beats while learning new dance moves.

Of course, the bonding doesn’t end after the last note of the dance has been played! You can make lasting connections with your Latin dance buddies in different ways – shopping for new dance shoes and outfits, going out for lunch or tea, chatting over the phone or Internet, and many more.

The Wrap-Up

The art of dance, especially Latin dance, offers a plethora of health and social benefits for everyone.

So, get into your dance shoes, feel the Latin music course through your body, and dance it all out because Latin dance is truly great for you!

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