The Ultimate List of Kids Camping Gear

Camping is one of the best ways to have some family time. However, it does take a lot of preparation. You need to prepare your supplies and equipment and you also need to get your kids camping gear in order.

This short guide will help you figure out what to prepare what your kids need, so you can focus on having fun when you get to your camp site.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags will make your kids feel comfy not to mention that they'll feel like mummies, which makes the experience feel really fun. The hoods are adjustable and these bags are rated for different temperatures, so consider how cold the campsite will get.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Telescoping marshmallow sticks aren't really made of sticks. They're metallic with a sturdy plastic handle. They're long enough so you can skewer more marshmallows and keep small hands safe from the heat.

Critter Case

Kids love capturing insects, apart from that, it's a great way to know outdoor creatures. These cases include mesh sidings that allow you to observe the critters that you have caught. The door is easy enough to use so that it can be opened and closed even by little children.

Sippy Bottle/Hydro Flask

Consider this as an essential kids camping gear. These are easy to clean flasks that function like a sippy cup. The plastic must be BPA free and the exterior should be easy to grip.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

This is another piece of kids camping gear that you can't go without. Your kids' feet need all the protection they can get, and that means making sure they get the right footwear.

The best boots are made from pure leather. The insoles and uppers should also be comfortable enough for your kids to wear on hot days.

Kiddie Backpacks

Some may not think that backpacks as essential kids camping gear, but they are. The packs should be big enough to carry your kid's gear but light enough so they're not carrying too much weight.

Speaking of comfort, the shoulder straps can be lined with fleece (or some other material) to keep it comfy despite the weight. The back should be ventilated so as to keep the bag cool on their backs.


Kids' binoculars with around 10x magnification will be a lot of fun. They can use it to observe birds and other animals in the wild.


Never let your kids go out under the sun without sunscreen. It should at least be SPF 30 a lot of sunscreen products are SPF 50. Get the ones that are water resistant for 40 minutes at least and it should be reef safe and biodegradable.

Sun Hats

Speaking of sun protection, the hats you choose for your children should have a wide brim. It protects not only their skin but also their eyes from direct sunlight.

Tent, Camping Pillow, Mattress, Sheets, Air Pump, and Sleeping Pads

These constitute the sleeping gear apart from the sleeping bags. The tent should have a mattress and sleeping pads inside. You will need an air pump in case you brought an air mattress with you.

Remember that this list only includes kids camping gear. They don't have cooking equipment and the other stuff well, that's part of your gear as grownups. These are the pieces of camping equipment you should pack for your children.