Top 10 Breath Taking Popular Sedona Hiking Spots

Sedona is one of the most popular areas in Arizona, and it's quite scenic. There are lots of Sedona hiking trails to choose from. The trails range from easy to challenging so practice due diligence first before you go.

Here are some top picks and suggestions.

Cathedral Rock

On the top of our list of Sedona hiking trails is Cathedral rock. This is a 1.4 mile hike with an elevation of 645 feet. The trail is for intermediate hikers and it may require some minor climbing on the side.

Soldier's Pass

This Sedona hiking trail is a 4.5 mile hike out and back. It has an elevation of 650 but expect heavy traffic here since it is quite a popular trail. Along the way you can choose to pass by caves, a sinkhole, and the Seven Sacred Pools.

Devil's Bridge

This is another popular Sedona hiking trail and is about 4.2 miles out and back. Expect to see a beautiful sandstone arch, which is one of the highlights of the trek. Note that there is very little shade on this trail so bring lots of .

Boynton Canyon

This is another moderately difficult Sedona hiking trail. It is around 6.1 miles, round trip. Expect to see an energy vortex at the start of the trail and you'll go through several kinds of forests. After all that walking, grab a bite or cold drink at the nearby Enchantment Resort.

Doe Mountain Trail

If you prefer some peace and quiet then the Doe Mountain Trail might be a great option. It is only 1.2 miles, round trip, and the summit is at the plateau-like top of Doe Mountain. The trail is rather level, which makes it a bit easier for beginners.

Bear Mountain Trail

This is one of the trails for experienced hikers in Sedona. It is about 4.3 miles out and back but it has an elevation of 1,975 feet. It offers 360 degree views of the entire area, which is absolutely gorgeous.

From there you can see Mogollon Rim, Jerome, Courthouse Butte, Doe Mountain, and San Francisco Peaks.

West Fork Trail

If you want a trail that offers more shade and then the West Fork Trail may be a good option. It has lots of tree coverage, is 6.9 miles long, and has an elevation of 400 feet. Note that this is a popular trail, so come early or you may find parking spots to be quite scarce later in the day.

Bell Rock Pathway

If you want to you're up for a challenge, then go through three different trails, then this might be the one for you. You start at the Bell Rock Pathway Trail and then you have a choice to continue at the Bell rock Vista Trail, where you get nice views of Courthouse Butte and the Bell Rock. Finally you can go along the Little Horse Trail to top things off.

Birthing Cave

The Birthing Cave is a local favorite. This is a beginner's trail, it's nice and even, and very has little elevation, which makes it a good option for beginners.

Note, however, that there are women who come here to pray for a healthy pregnancy. Practice some respect when you encounter them in the cave.

Schuerman Mountain Vista

This is one of the Sedona trails that is less crowded. It's a very easy trail, you can bring the kids along, and you can even bring your dog here too for a nice walk. It's a 1.7 mile out and back trail, with an elevation of 360 feet.

These are our picks for the 10 best Sedona hiking trails. Start with the easier trails first and prepare for the heat too. Note that you should wear the right hiking shoes and don't over pack.