Why You Need Good Shoes For Walking All Day

Walking is a great way to explore your neighborhood, or to discover the hidden gems in the places you intend to visit.

It’s also a healthy way to spend your time as it can be a good workout. It can get you in a good mood and keep you mentally sharp.

Compared to running, it’s low-impact, so even those with mild mobility issues can still engage in this activity.

Whether you’re looking to embrace walking as part of your life, or just preparing for a trip to a place that you’d love to explore on foot, one thing is certain – you are going to need good shoes for walking all day. Here are the reasons why you do:

1. They enable proper posture and form

Footwear gives mechanical support that promotes proper alignment of the different parts of the body needed for walking, which in turn helps you remain in good form and maintain balance.

The best shoes have reinforced toe box areas because when you walk, you tend to put pressure on the big toe.

2. They help prevent injury

Because you are able to maintain proper form, you are less vulnerable to injury. With the right pair of shoes, your body weight is distributed properly, sparing you unnecessary stress and wear and tear particularly in the back and leg areas.

In addition, walking shoes are usually made with good traction in mind because it’s expected that you’d be treading damp surfaces, as opposed to some running shoes that are optimized for wear on the track, soccer shoes that are meant to be used on grass, or basketball shoes that are meant to absorb impact you make on basketball court flooring.

3. They are optimized for walking so you can walk further while remaining comfortable

Most people assume that running shoes would make good walking shoes, and for the most part, that is true. However, the average person’s walking form is different from his running form. In particular, people tend to walk heel first whereas runners typically plant the ball of their foot first.

Walking shoes should also be more lightweight because we tend to do the activity for an extended period compared to running.

Lighter footwear would reduce the stress on the muscles and other tissues we use for walking. Walking shoes can also be lighter because it does not need as much cushioning as running shoes.

Running needs ample cushioning because each stride generates more impact

4. You can’t keep wearing your old walking shoes

Shoes do get more comfortable over time as they adapt to the shape of your foot, but at some point, the outsole of old shoes could get so worn out that they are no longer able to give a good grip.

This can cause you to fall when treading on damp or slippery surfaces, and cause injury.

“Walking shoes” isn’t just a marketing term. Good shoes for walking all day were especially designed to address how a person moves. So if you’re to do a lot of walking soon, it’s best that you get the right pair.