Your Guide in Choosing the Best Ballroom Shoes

If you are serious about dancing ballroom, consider investing in a reliable pair of dance shoes.

A good quality pair of dance shoes will help you learn whatever type of ballroom dance you want to be good at.

A good pair of dancing shoes should be specifically made for dancing, that is the art of dance.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing the right dance shoes:

· Make sure it fits perfectly.

When you try on a pair, it has to snugly fit without excessive pressure. This will allow you have more control of your shoes even after they are broken in.

Professional dancers recommend going half or full size down for their dance shoes.

Closed toe or open toe?

Generally, the open toe types of dance shoes are for Latin and rhythm dances like rumba, swing, and salsa. These dances need more pointing of the toes and the article of your feet.

The opening the shoes will allow you to point your toes easily. It also gives you the opportunity to execute footwork with more precision.

On the other hand, closed toes are for smooth and standard dances like waltz and foxtrot. These types of dances require a more traditional look.

If you are a beginner who is still trying to learn multiple dance styles, the open toe shoes would be the more appropriate pair to purchase because you can practically do all styles in them.

· Height of the heels.

The ideal heel height for Latin and ballroom dance shoes is between 1.5 inches to 3 inches. Since you are a beginner, choose a heel height that you are most comfortable with. If you are not used to wearing high heels, you can wear dance shoes that have a lower heel to start with.

Heels come in different shapes, like flared or slim. A flared heel is preferred by most dancers because it can provide you more stability.

For men, for ballroom, the ideal heel height is ½ inch, while for Latin dance styles, the ideal height is 1.5 inches.

Unless you are joining dance competitions, a ½ inch heel will be appropriate for both Latin and ballroom dancing.

· Choose suede sole shoes.

The suede sole will give you the appropriate amount of slip and traction so you can feel more balanced.

It also allows you to have more control when you turn and move around. Just remember that to maintain the sole’s roughness, you need to regularly brush it with a wire dance shoe brush.

· Purchasing shoes in store versus online.

Whether you are buying a pair of shoes online or in a physically store, experts recommend that you first visit a dance supply store and try on some dance shoes.

Seizing varies from brand to brand, so it is important to compare the different brands and sizes to make sure that you are getting the right fit upon purchase.